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About ganpatipule

About Us

Ganpatipule is an impressive town situated in the state of Maharashtra. It is one of the significant places for the Indian nationalists as it is the birth place of Lokmanya Tilak, who is the well-known leader of the freedom movement. It is positioned in the Ratnagiri district of the southwest part of the state.

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Online donation ( देणगी )

You can help the temple trust for their variety of activities in future as a donation. To accept the donation of office has been a permanent arrangement. And now you can also donate online. Donations are accepted through secure payment gateway.

देवास्थानामार्फत चालाविण्यात येणाऱ्या तसेच भविष्यात साकार होणाऱ्या विविध उपक्रमांसाठी आपण देणगी रुपाने मदत करु शकता. कार्यालयामार्फत देणगी स्विकारण्याची कायमस्वरुपी व्यवस्था करण्यात आलेली आहे. तसेच आता आपण ऑनलाइन सुद्धा देणगी देऊ शकता. येथे सुरक्षित पेमेंट गेटवे द्वारे देणगी स्वीकारली जाते.

To donate online Click here

You can also donate using Money-order or Cheque. Also You can donate using Core Banking.

Sansthan Shreedev Ganpatipule
Bank Of India Ganpatipule Branch
A/C No. : 146710210000001
IFSC Code : BKID0001467

Sansthan Shreedev Ganpatipule
Bank Of Maharashtra
A/C No. : 20182300427
IFSC Code : MAHB0000234

You can mail your donations by cheques / M.O. or pay it in person when you would visit the temple. ( Cheques should be drawn in favour of Sarpanch, Sansthan Shridev Ganpatipule )

Prasad Yojana ( प्रसाद योजना )

In the temple daily from 12.30 PM to 2.00 PM prasad (Khichadi and Bundi) is given to all the devotees. You can also contribute in this Annadan yojana. For this you can donate from 21.00 rupees.

If you wish to sponsor the one day-one time Annadan then prasad will be given on your suggested day. You can do this by giving donation of 5000 rupees. On that day the your name will be displayed on a digital board. To suggest day you can contact to our trust office.

देवस्थानात दररोज दुपारी १२.३० ते २.०० वा. या वेळेत सर्व भक्तांसाठी प्रसाद ( खिचडी व बुंदी ) दिला जातो. प्रसादाच्या या अन्नादान योजनेत आपणही सहभागी होऊ शकता. त्यासाठी २१.०० रुपयांपासून देणगी देवू शकता.

एक दिवसाचे एका वेळचे अन्नादान करण्याची इच्छा असल्यास आपण सुचविलेल्या दिवशी आपणामार्फत प्रसाद देण्यात येईल. रुपये ५००० देणगी देवून सदर योजनेचा लाभ आपल्याला घेता येईल. त्या दिवशी आपले तर्फे महाप्रसाद आहे असे डीजीटल बोर्डवर दाखवले जाते. विशिष्ट दिवस ठरविण्यासाठी कृपया देवस्थान कार्यालयाशी संपर्क साधावा.

Ongoing Puja's and Abhishek's in Ganpatipule Temple ( देवस्थान मार्फत सुरु असलेल्या पूजा अभिषेक )

You can book puja and abhisheks done in the ganpati temple in ganpatipule online. To book the puja / abhishek click one of the puja / abhishek you want to do and pay using secure payment gateway. Once your booking is done we will contact you.

देवस्थान मार्फत करण्यात येणाऱ्या पूजा / अभिषेकांच बुकिंग तुम्ही ऑनलाइन करू शकता. बुकिंग करण्यासाठी खालील अभिषेक किंवा पुजेवर क्लिक करा आणि पूर्णपणे सुरक्षित पेमेंट गेटवे ने पेमेंट करा. आपले बुकिंग पूर्ण झाल्यावर अभिषेक / पूजा केली जाईल.

* Abhishek (अभिषेक) ( INR 51 ) Read More

* Yearly Abhishek (वार्षिक अभिषेक) ( INR 600 ) Read More

* Yearly Puja Abhishek (वार्षिक पूजा अभिषेक) ( INR 1200 ) Read More

* Abhishek At Perticular Day (विशिष्ट दिवशी अभिषेक) ( INR 101 ) Read More

* 21 Year Abhishek (२१ वर्ष अभिषेक ( वर्षातून एक दिवस )) ( INR 2100 ) Read More

How to reach

The state road transport buses are available from Mumbai, Pune and Belgaum that connects the place with various major cities of the state. One can reach the desired destination with ease at a very economical cost.

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Distance from mumbai to ganpatipule

Mumbai to ganpatipule

Pune to ganpatipule

Ratnagiri to ganpatipule

Amravati to ganpatipule

6 hours 44 mins

5 hours 46 mins

35 mins

14 hours 33 mins

330 km

324 km

24.2 km

829 km


The summer season starts from March and ends in May. The season is generally hot and at times becomes unbearable as well. The maximum temperature during summers in ganpatipule rises up to 38°C.


Monsoon season prevails in the city between the months of June and September. Heavy rainfall is observed in the Konkan region during this season. The climate becomes more humid at this time of the year.


From November to February is the winter season. The weather during this time of the year is generally pleasant and good for the tourists. The day time possesses moderate climate whereas, the nights are cool.