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Ganpatipule Temple :

The Ganpatipule Temple is located at the foot of a hillock.

The Interior Design of this temple is quite different from that of other Indian temples.

The Swayambhu Ganapati Temple is believed to be 400 years old. According to legend, a farmer while walking through the Kerda jungles discovered the idol of Ganapati and later on he built a temple around the idol.

The Ganapati Idol in the temple is built of pure white sand. The other idol of Lord Ganapati is made of copper and placed in the sanctum sanctorum. This idol is different from the previous one as it depicts the god riding on a lion.

Ganpatipule Beach :

Ganpatipule with a series of pristine beaches apart from the ganpatipule beach itself makes ganpatipule an ideal holiday destination for a beach lover.

"Sparkling blue waters, endless stretches of golden or silver sand, sun beams dancing through the swaying palms, waves playing with the sand dunes, a cool breeze whispering sweet nothing in your ear. This is the land of ganpatipule, one of Maharashtra's almost virgin beaches."