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Ganpatipule is an impressive town situated in the state of Maharashtra. It is one of the significant places for the Indian nationalists as it is the birth place of Lokmanya Tilak, who is the well-known leader of the freedom movement. It is positioned in the Ratnagiri district of the southwest part of the state. The striking beaches along the incredible Konkan coastline add more lure to the town. It is an idyllic getaway that compels numbers of peace-seekers, pilgrims and others to come here.

The Swayambhu Ganesh Temple is commonly visited by the devotees all through the year. The God is believed to be the Paschim Dwardevta, and the devouts who come to the holy place, make sure to offer prayer to the almighty. The radiant water of the beaches is again one of the tempting factors for the tourists. In the serene ambiance of the town, you can leave the frenetic world at your back as you doze around on immaculate sands or notice the many tracks that direct from the beach. The atmosphere of the town is so eye-catching that after visiting the place once, every traveler wishes to come here again. ganpatipule travel guide will make you experience the true worth of the place.

Daily ( दैनंदिन उपक्रम )

The Temple opens for darshan at early in the morning at 5.00 am and closes at night 9.00 pm.
( श्रींचे मंदिर दर्शनासाठी पहाटे ५.०० वाजता उघडते व रात्रौ ९.०० वाजता बंद होते. )

Aarati time - In the morning 5.00 am. , At 12.00 pm. And in the evening 7.00 pm.
( आरतीची वेळ - सकाळी ५.०० वा., दुपारी १२.०० वा. व संध्याकाळी ७.०० वा. )

Timing For Khichdi Prasad - 12.30 AM To 2.00 PM.
( खिचडी प्रसादाची वेळ - दुपारी १२.३० ते २.०० वा. पर्यंत. )

On Sankashti Chaturthi the Palakhi departs for Pradakshina at evening 4.00 pm.
( संकष्टी चतुर्थीचे दिवशी पालखी प्रदक्षिणेसाठी सायंकाळी ४.०० वाजता निघते. )

Direct puja for devotees (on symbolic image) 7 am to 11 am.
( भक्तजनांसाठी प्रत्यक्ष पूजा (प्रतिकात्मक मूर्तीवर ) सकाळी ७ ते ११ वाजेपर्यंत. )